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Pull-back Street Car and Mechanic Shop


This model includes all that you see before you (except the gray construction paper used for pizzazz)! It comes with a mechanic, an arsenal of tools, a hat/helmet display table, two chairs, a skateboard, a few extra pieces you can use to customize the car, and a driver. The car itself is equipped with a pull back motor, a hood scoop, a roof scope, a spoiler, side skirts, dual mufflers, rear-view mirrors, windshield wipers, a single seat for the driver, a dashboard, a steering wheel, a stick shift, and of course, a license plate (not to mention wheels, a windshield, and all that other boring yet important stuff)!

If I missed a certain detail you'd like to see in the model, feel free to enlighten me! I'd be happy to try to incorporate that detail into the model!

Also, for clarity, the mechanic owns the red helmet and red hat, and the driver owns the green and black hats, and the green helmet.

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