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BurgerTime 40th Anniversary

I can’t believe one of my favorite childhood games is about to turn 40. Where does the time go? I do recall that much of it was spent pumping quarter after quarter into this (and many other iconic 80s games) and then trying to sleep later as the repetitive white noise of the arcade still echoed in my head.
Ah, good times. 

For those unfamiliar with Burgertime... a summary. 
You’re chef Peter Pepper.
Your mission: To make burgers by scaling platforms and ladders as you walk across various layers of buns, burgers and toppings. Making them descend to the bottom to stack together, all while evading capture by roaming hotdogs, pickles and fried eggs.
Yes you read that right.

I really enjoyed this Brickheadz design for so many reasons. Not just for the nostalgia but the fun challenges to make a colorful and unique set. I could be wrong but this may be the most eyes used in a Brickheadz set.
My favorite part is what’s inside Peters head. As you read earlier, he’s got building burgers on the brain so I thought it apropos to give him a hamburger brain.
With just a tilt of his hinged hat, the burger brain is revealed and can be easily removed and displayed along side him.
His base is decorated with tiles to represent a deconstructed burger. 
He also carries his giant pepper shaker, which he uses to temporarily immobilize the attacking food as he... cooks. 

Fun fact:
Known as Hamburger when first released in Japan in ‘82, it was renamed Burgertime outside Japan to avoid any potential trademark issues. Though the cabinets artwork shows Peter Pepper with a P on his hat, the pixel chef still shows an H.

I hope this Brickheadz creation rings nostalgic overload to most and curiosity to newbies looking for retro fun. 

Please join the hopefully 9,999 other supporters needed to make this set reach shelves. I’ll be creating other 80s icons to accompany this one as well. 

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