Grand Prix Circuit - Pit Lane Marshal's post

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This is a reproduction of the Pit-Lane Exit at Circuit de Catalunya (Spain). This is the place I've been working during races on the last years.

The model includes:
- Marshal's post
- Formula Car
- Section of the Pit-Lane and Pit wall
- Traffic light
- 2 Marshals
- 1 Driver
- 3 Team Crew
- 1 Photographer
- Plenty of accessories like flags, tools, fire extinguishers and scrub brushes.

There is only one miss in the digital model. There are no handrails on the marshal's post due that LDD doesn't have them available. You can see in the last picture how it looks with them.

The model is prepared for expansions because it is developed using MILS - Modular Integrated Landscaping System (

I don't want to use official names of cars, teams, and championships to avoid licensing.

The car is highly detailed with most of the winglets and forms. You can put a minifig inside

And finally some pictures of the real model in the Circuit de Catalunya (the roof of the Marshal's post is the old version. I will update pictures)

more pictures at:

Thanks in advance for supporting the project.


1st support on May, 17th 2013 - DandB1