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Hero Factory: Grave Thunder

This is the general of the villain army. Designed and created at Villain Factory, he is the only one of his kind. Don't mistake him for a frail figure. He is more skilled than the Villain 1.0, and stronger than Villain 2.0. He is the most dangerous of the villains, except his mysterious boss. At first, Preston Stormer thought he was a mercenary, hired to destroy Hero Factory. Instead, he is a psychopath. He doesn't hate Hero Factory. Rather, he admires Hero Factory. So he has challenged Rocka to the death, to see who is better. He will not fight any other hero, but he has no problem killing civilians and blaming it on Rocka.

Grave comes with a crystal, double blade sword, crystal-dart pistol, and a portable crystal cannon (that's a lot of crystal). Charged by antiquaza and corrupted quaza, he is ready to hold off anybody who gets in his way.

This psychotic villain treats this war like a game of cat and mouse, leaving data pads at every crime he commits, addressed to Rocka. In each data pad is a video recording from a recording camera mounted on his head. He records the crime, and gives every detail of what he's doing as he does it. A lot of the content is taunting Rocka as he deactivates each civilian. Forcing each civilian to look at the camera, Rocka must turn from the screen as he hears Grave short out the victim with an overpowered tazor. With each civilian deactivated, another is life is added to Rocka's conscience. It is just a matter of time till Rocka breaks all care, and goes against Grave on his own. Will Rocka's team be able to keep him from breaking, or will Rocka break every rule that he has so far upheld.

This is the last villain from the Villain Factory. Go check out the other sets. I am going to begin updating other sets, so be prepared. Also, like my facebook page. Link on my home page.

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