Product Idea

1930s Racing Car

Hello and welcome to the early days of motor sport..

Before i made this, i spent many hours researching the sport and the cars used.

After coming across a certain driver, the ' american born - Kay Petre ',  who won the ladies land speed record in 1935 at nearly 135mph !!!!  ,  and all the other brilliant history that went along with this golden age of motorsport, i was hooked..., and knew i had to build one :-)

Presented here for your consideration : 1930s racing car

This single seater racing car is loosely based upon those used for racing at such historic circuits like the now disused one at Brooklands in surrey.

Measuring 40cm in length , it has all the details of the real thing, from its  'double overhead cam' straight eight engine right through to the 'lever arm' shock absorbers. 

( the engine is based upon those used in a 1930s alfa romeo tipo b. )...

With features such as the positive camber on the front wheels, removable 'hood/bonnet', middle section and spare wheel.

The steering works as well as the front suspension too.

The chassis features every thing it should, from its drive shaft, right through to the petrol and oil tanks..

Could this be a UCS ?

Many thanks for looking, i hope all who view like this car..