Product Idea

Lego Eiran John

Now you can save the alien, Escape the base and defeat the Akunos with Eiran John and his 4 vehicles.



Eiran John with a bronze Katana, Akunobot with a arm blaster, shrikez with a blaster and Akunos with a laser stabiliser.




1.Mechazon: Mechazon includes a seat for Eiran, two Bionicle arms and window.


2.Microdriver: Microdriver can fold its sides, twist its body and sit Eiran in, it can also transform into.


3.Minibot: minibot can twist its body, move its arms and bring his head back and front.


4:Mechazon: if you combine them all then you can make Mechazon!!! Mechazon can sit Eiran in, has suspension and the wheels can open up to make wings.


And there are more things you can make with them yourself.



The sidebuild includes a printed tile and a UFO,some fire and a lamp post.


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