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The Medieval Outpost

The idea

This idea came to me while looking through LEGO Ideas and seeing some medieval builds. I absolutely love the medieval theme and wish that LEGO will release more medieval-themed sets in the future.

The build

  • The Medieval Outpost features two medieval-style cottages and a large lookout tower. A small well can be found beside the build with a pond frog.
  • This build follows a lot of the same building techniques and styles as the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith and makes for a great play and display model next to it.
  • The build follows a modular style with all the buildings, floors and roofs being able to come apart.
  • A small pumpkin patch adds a splash of color and some extra detail to the build.


  • A merchant
  • The merchant's wife
  • Two Black Falcon knights
  • A forestman

-Thank you so much for your support! Remember to share this with your friends and family as well. Lets bring back the Castle theme!!

( I apologize for the bad quality in some of the photos. These shots were taken using a phone. )

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