Product Idea

Doctor Who & The Daleks: The Chess Set

Exterminate! Annhiliate! Destroy!

Prepare to do battle with the most evil creatures in the universe as the classic game of chess is given a Doctor Who twist. The Doctor and his companion line up K-9 and the Tardis to try and outsmart and outwit an army of daleks led by their ruthless creator Davros.

All chess pieces are carefully designed with hints to remind you which of the classic chess pieces they represent - for example, the knight is a dalek hovering up stairs so it can "hop over" other pieces, the queen has a swivelling dome to reflect the "go-anywhere" ability.

The lego daleks in this set have been carefully designed to be the same height as a normal minifig, with an extendable a sink plunger and moving eye stalk. For the Dalek army:

The Pawn: the classic silver and blue Daleks from the very first stories
The Rook (Castle): The ferocious and heavily armoured Special Weapons Dalek.
The Knight: An imperial Dalek hovering up a flight of stairs.
The Bishop: A red and silver Dalek from the 1960s movies, complete with claw arm
The Queen: A special black and gold/silver Dalek, with rotating dome to
The King: Davros, the evil and twisted creator of the Daleks.

Ideally the 1x1 trans blue plate on Davros' head will be replaced by a blue circle on the minifig face print. The torso shown is placed “backwards” so that the minifig only has a right hand - I’m not sure how difficult this would be to correct if this set makes it to production.

For the Doctor:
The Pawn: K-9, the doctor’s faithful robotic dog.
The Rook (Castle): The TARDIS, the doctor’s iconic time machine.
The Knight: The classic TARDIS console materialising on top of the enemy daleks.
The Bishop: Bessie, the vintage roadster driven frequently by the third and fourth doctors
The Queen: Sarah Jane Smith. One of my favourite companions from the classic series, but very difficult to represent well using the stock minifig head and torso prints in Lego Digital Designer - I’m sure Lego could do better!
The King: The Doctor himself.

Choosing just one out of the 12 incarnations was tough, but I settled on the 4th doctor and his oversized scarf. The scarf here is represented by a cloth gown, but could probably be shown better by printing on the on the torso and leg of the minifig.

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