Product Idea

Captain Future Comet

The hero of the 80s returns brick by brick..

Captain Future is an anime series of the 80s based on books of Edmond Hamilton. Captain Future and his crew Otho, Grag, and Simon Wright work for the, so called, President of the System. Their ship is called the "Comet". The series was very popular in Europe and was called "Capitaine Flam" in France and "Capitan Futuro" in Italy and Spain.

This is my version of the Captain Future Comet, the Spaceship of the Future-Crew, big enough to hold mini figures.

The model is 73cm (29 inches) long, 38cm (15 inches) wide and 35cm (14inces) high. I still haven't counted the number of bricks yet.

The cockpit section can hold four mini figures. The cockpit can be opened and has space for four mini figures. Two in the "front" and two in the "rear" part of the cockpit.

A small Cosmoliner prototype which could fit into the hangar section is still in the works. I can't find a way to build the cockpit the way i'd like to.

The set contains the complete Future Crew including Joan Landor and Yiek and Oak. (Those are the pets of Grag and Otho)

The "F" logo is attached to the stand and a small stage which displays the minifigures is a part of the stand as well.

The stand also supports the wings and the long rear section of the model.

The white 4x4 cones on the wing tips should be transparent blue to match the "bulb" like appearance of the wing tips of the "real" Comet.

I think this could be a very interesting model.

Please do your best and support this model, so that new and old Future Fans can build the ship of their 80s hero.