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Modern Restaurant Set


Modern Restaurant Set

I would like to offer people a more "this day of age" restaurant kit that i'm sure would be appreciated by many ! I Even went overboard a bit by also introducing a delivery scooter, food truck, terasse and parking lot ! As you can see in the pictures the two "lots" are independant and can be organised wichever way wanted. I made sure to include everything I could think of to make the set user-friendly, fun, extensive, colorful and of course, sleek looking and solid !

Here's a list of a few interesting features :

- Ready for the road food truck
- Delivery scooter with fonctionnal container
- An extra parking / terasse lot
- Complete hut, exhaust / ventilation and sprinkler system
- Satellite, security cameras, cash registers, TV and other electronical "gizmos"
- Green recycling bin ! Yeah !
- Fully equipped kitchens for both the building and the truck including utensils, pots, spatulas ect.
- Multi-racial team of 4 staff members witch matching outfits

I don't think there's much more to say, its time to let the pictures do the talking but I'd like to conclude with this :

Regardless of your opinion on my work : PLEASE comment or leave me messages it would be greatly appreciated ; And if you like the build, well (of course) SUPPORT ME !

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