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Fire Engine


Hello my name is Connor, and as a fan of Legos since i was a boy ive always wanted a fire truck lego set. now that they have started coming out with Fireman sets i have noticed that they only really show case the Ladder Companies, i am here to propose to Lego and to the rest of the Lego fans a new model, The Fire Engine. this model is to give some love to the other types of companies involved in fire departments. The Fire Engine Company is the truck that more often then not will be showing up to a scene, do not get me wrong no one company is more important then the other, they all play a important role in the fire service. i would just like to see Lego and the rest of us loyal Lego fans branch out and help me introduce a new model of Fire vehicle. These men and women of the fire departments and companies risk their lives everyday to show their love for their neighbor and community, and i think its time we all show some love back weather it be with this lego set or by supporting your local fire company. This set will almost in fact do both. Now you may look at this model and say ''well wait a minute it doesnt look just right'', you're not wrong this is just a base model with some of the basic things you would see on a real fire engine if this model would get your support and go to production i would see to it, that it would become properly equipped and sized to Lego mini figure scale. i just ask for your support to help me show our love to the fire department and fire companies worldwide. as a Volunteer Firefighter and a community member i thank you for your time to read this and thank you for your support of this idea. 

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