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Sprintcar Outlaw


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 - 2 weeks left. Please read instructions carefully.

Who wants one of these!!??

Hello all speedway drivers and fans. Have you ever seen LEGO Technic produce an Outlaw, Sprintcar or Speedcar or variants of. 

So here's your chance to make this happen!

To have the designers at LEGO to review the Outlaw Sprintcar, I need your help in hitting 10,000 supporters in the LEGO link below 
 Just simply click on the link below, and hitting the blue support button. If you are on your mobile, you may need to click on the update tab, then scroll down to view the support tab. Once activiated you will just need to create an account with Lego and your vote will be registered.
 Please take 2 minutes of your time to register and vote so we can hopefully create the "Sprintcar Outlaw” and see it on the shelves.

Liking this post won't score with LEGO, following the above instructions will.

Can you please share with everyone and anyone, people, pages! Drivers, car owners, racetracks please share on your team pages. If you all could it would be much appreciated.

Let's make this become a reality. Thankyou


Late Model - Super Sedan

Late Model in development stage, release soon to add to Sprintcar Outlaw. Which same as Speedcar or Midget, Wingless or F500 be built using the same pieces, the late model will incorporate a super sedan option to make.