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Card Shuffling Machine

Hi everyone! It is a card shuffling machine.
I play a lot of card games with my family and thought it would be nice to spice up the moment when the cards are shuffled. Due to the fact that we are not magicians, all cool ways of shuffling cards are foreign to us. So I thought that I would build something that could compete with these methods. That was the main reason, but the second was that I just wanted to have fun building this machine. You may not believe it, but the design phase is not that simple and to be honest it never ends, because we can always improve something, but this is the gist of it. A handful of blocks is enough to enjoy endlessly, and a box of blocks is enough to extend this infinity. And that's beautiful about it.
I think that my idea could be an interesting LEGO set for all lovers of card games who are looking for ways to shuffle cards effectively and impressively. This is really a lot of fun.

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