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The Lincoln Funeral Train


Prior to the tragic passing of President Abraham Lincoln, his body was transported by rail back to Springfield Illinois in amazing style.  Re-live this historical event with the Lincoln Funeral Train set! 

The set includes a detailed model of the main funeral car, featuring articulated bogies for sharp curves around tight lego curves, a detailed interior acessable by a fully removable roof, removable coffin, and much more. 

The locomotive and tender are models of the Locomotive "Nashville" one of the more photographed examples of power used to haul the train on its journey through the countryside. 

The set includes five minifigures: An Engineer, 2 union guards, Mary Todd Lincoln, and the spooky ghost of President Lincoln! 

This 1,230 peice set also comes supplied with 6 straight track sections to be used as a base to show off your new model of American History!

So climb aboard for a trip back in time! 


Note from the creator: 

While making this model, I had one thing in mind.  To create a fun, historically accurate representation, of a fairly well known historical moment which also fit into the lego system standards. I knew quite well that I wanted the model to fit within the universe where scales are already set in place. 

This would be an amazing project to collaborate with lego engineers on.  I'm certain they could take it the rest of the way and make necessary tweeks in order to truly make it 100% fesable. 

Some things I would like to see : 

Printed peices for name plates on the sides of the locomotive (Nashville) , Detailed oval signage on shields, Detailed Minifigs, and a few other things here and there which are impossible to do with LDD.  

Let me know what you think in the comments section below! I'll be making updates as things progress and feedback is always appreciated as this is a builders community. :)

Cheers, and I hope to have inspired you to explore this topic for yourself! 

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