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Disney's The Black Hole Palomino with Vincent and Old Bob


The Black hole was a science fiction film made by Disney in 1979, which was way ahead of its time in many people's eyes for the fact that the movie explored the fascinating subject of black holes.

This set is 975 pieces including all parts for all mini figures.

The crew of the Palomino.

1. Anthony Perkins as Dr. Alex Durant

2. Rober Forster as Captain Dan Holland

3. Joseph Bottoms as Lieutenant Charlie Pizer

4. Yvette Mimieux as Dr. Kate McCrae

5. Ernest Borgnine as Harry Booth

6.  Roddy Mcdowall  as Voice of V.I.N.CENT  which stands for Vital infomation necessary centralized

7. Slim Pickens as Voice of old B.O.B. was the an earlier model jsut like Vincent an old 28 model programed in Houston as Vincent makes note of in the film when he first meets old B.O.B. , who was stationed on board the Cygnus, which was lost in space for 20 years up until the Palomino and her crew above found her beside the Blach Hole and our story begins. So old B.O.B. was not actually part of the Palomino crew, but he is so cool and such a vital part of this amazing story I had to design him and include him in the build. He is so loved and such a huge part of pop culture and has gained such cult status his very rare Mego action figure (produced for just 6 months in Canada in 1980) commonly trades for 500 to 1000 dollars alone. B.O.B. and Vincent just belong together.

The Palomino ship itself is actually the very first thing I ever built in Lego digital designer about a year back and it was terible via my first design. I have since submited close to 40 concepts here at Lego Ideas and since most recently went back and compeltey overhauled the entire ship with what I have now learned from the vast piece selection in the ideas program to make it much more accurate to scale.

The flip top capsule hinged design provides easy access to the inner workings of the ship, see all pictures and please forgive the fact that the rendering engine I use does not pull over computer panels, faces on mini figures, etc., so I provided a couple digi images in my last 2 pictures so as to give you a better idea of what the crew looks like, Vincent and Old BOB's eyes, the mini figure faces and inner comptuer layout of the ship. Thanks as always for the views and or support and if you like this build, next comes the Cygnus a place to park this starship.

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