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Lego NES


Time to find those cartridges and blow on them! This project is a Lego model of the classic Nintendo gaming system the NES. This set comes with the NES which has a slot to put in cartridges, the controllers with chains that can attach to the NES model and of course it comes with two cartridges (Metroid and Mega Man 3) that can be inserted into the NES model and they can slide in easily. I chose the two games because once I tried to submit a Mario project and it got rejected because of licensing rights so that's why I didn't put in a Mario cartridge so I put Metroid and I could have put in Donkey Kong or some other games for the second cartridge but in the end I decided on Mega Man. For the cartridges they can either be printed pieces or stickers. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments section. Please support this and share it on social media. Once again please support this to bring one of the most popular gaming systems to life! (Mega Man and Samus sprites not included)