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Working Smarties Candy Machine


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This manually working smarties dispenser takes just one dime and you get 4 of your favorite smarties. There is two colour selectors that after the dime is pushed in you can chose from 6 different colours! Then you just push the two tabs at the back and the 4 colours of smarties that you picked drop out to where you can grab them. 

For those who want to know how it works here you go. When the dime is pushed through the slot it pushes a huge slider that goes under the 6 slots on the inside that hold the smarties. When it goes under the slots 6 smarties drop down. You can then select the 4 smartie colours that you want with the colour selectors. When you push the tabs at the back it pushes the slider back into it's original place and 4 smarties of the colours you picked drop out. To retrieve the money you go to the yellow smartie at the back and pull out the middle of it and shake out the money. To add more smarties to the 6 slots on the inside just take off the top and drop the approprite colours of smarties into the right slot.

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