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Classic Incredible Hulk Lab


Build the classic Lab from the Hulk 1970s TV show! The lab has a number of features such as the chair where Doctor Banner was first transformed into the Incredible hulk. The chair comes with: Gamma radiation emitter, heart rate monitor and adjustable seat. There are also six computer monitors on either side of the chair, two alarms and five green syringeS , so you can recreate the experiment that went wrong!

The minifigure selection on Lego Digital Designer is very limited so none are included in this initial design. However I believe that if this set was to be approved this problem would be easily fixed. All in all I believe that with the help of Lego  this could be a truly unique and nostalgic set and would appeal to new and old fans of the classic 80s TV show! So if you want to see a classic Hulk Smash his way into a Lego Set,support this set now!