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The Athena


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The Athena, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom (craft and war), is a research airship capable of traversing beyond the known world. Its steam powered engine propels the ship forward using connected gears and propellers. The zeppelin keeps her afloat in the air while crew maintain the boiler, rigging and navigation.


  • Zeppelin blimp
  • Magnetised detachable dingy
  • Gears that combine propeller rotation with flapping wings.
  • On-deck boiler, kitchen, engine room
  • Five mini-figures: each with two professional roles.

About the project

My first project using LDD and I still haven't had any luck rendering using my Mac despite the wonderful resources available on Youtube and other forums. The concept for The Athena has been influenced by Stardust (Neil Gaiman), The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Jules Verne, Steampunk and a number of other Pinterest users. I hope this does credit to an idea that has been reinterpreted in multiple ways. 

The motivation for the project came about in wanting to provide strong female lead characters in a set intended for a future market in which my daughter will participate. Characters have multiple professional titles and skills to reflect modern trends.