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Japanese Cherry Blossom Viewing


Does any one visit Japan to see the amazing cherry blossom at the perfectly right timing? I have been there twice and those great experiences inspire me to build this set.

The main part of this set is the huge Torii (Japanese shrine gate) above the sea. The red colour and deep blue colour perfectly matched the cherry blossom surrounding the gate.

As to these beautiful cherry blossom trees, I build them by three different ways to make some features among them. There are also three different colours of cherry blossom to present much more impression for viewers.

When it comes to Japanese shrine, you would never forget some relative details like Toro (stone lantern) or Ema board (the wooden plaques for worshippers to write down wishes).

As you can see, there are some Japanese figures getting together under the cherry blossom trees. They are dancing, drinking, singing and with the delicious foods of course.

Enjoy this cherry blossom feast!!  :)

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