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I Love Lucy - The Ricardos' Apartment


"I Love Lucy" is one of the most memorable sit-coms in television history, and Ricky and Lucy's New York apartment is brought to life in this build. The living room set includes the fireplace, piano under the window, a small writing desk, and the sofa and coffee table. Attention was paid to subtle details to try to match it as closely as possible to the actual television sound stage.

I wanted an "old school" feel to the set in both look and texture. The entire set is built in grayscale to match the black-and-white images of the TV show. I also opted not to cover surfaces in smooth plates to keep the "old school" look of bumpy LEGO bricks.

The set has four minifigures: Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel. These were made in color to give them a little "pop" against the black-and-white backdrop of the set.

So, travel back to yesteryear to visit the Ricardos' apartment. I appreciate the support.

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