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Home Sweet Caboose


How this project started:

On October 30th in 2016, I built this little LEGO renovated caboose-home. An interview of a caboose-house owner inspired me to build it. From what I remember, it was a Soo Line Caboose owned by a woman who lived in a rural area. The owner of the caboose sat in the cupola to read books.

Project information:

The Home Sweet Caboose project is 231 pieces. It includes a caboose (of course), a mailbox with a tree next to it, a piece of track for the caboose to stand on, and a lady minifigure. Inside the caboose is a small 3x7 bed with a pink chair next to it. The caboose can be lifted off its track so it could be used with any other piece of rolling stock. 


Thank you for viewing this project! Please, feel free to tell me what you think fo this project in the comments section. Have a great day, everyone, and take care. Project uploaded by Joseph cheeseinthepie on June 27th, 2019.

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