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Steampunk Treehouse


This build is around 2200 pieces. 

Thanks as always for the view and any suggestions, comments, etc., much appreciated. And as always drop me link for a project you would like my honest evaluation on.

Very simply I have always loved the steampunk genre, as well as tree houses, so I attempted to combine both. Also this set was inspired by film I loved growing up. 

I think it released in 1985 and that was Young Sherlock Holmes. And the way that film ties into this idea, is in the film young Sherlock had an older scientist friend much like Leonardo Davinci, who had an amazing workshop high up in the top of an old 1800z English building. And he had a flying bicycle design, which was no doubt a draft of a Leonardo design. He launches it off the rooftop and a short runway in the film and not long after maintaining flight for a bit, he crashes into a tree or something and he survives injury free, comical scene. So that is how the scientist on the roof with telescope and kid on a flying bike idea came too be.


1. Four min figures see all indivudual and group shot of all four pictures. Steam punk scientist, Pierre the artist, Cleopatra, and kid on a flying bicycle.

2.Twin opening doors on roof for easy access to inside of treehouse. There is a ladder system on the outside and inside, and the inner ladders start right behind front door and continue up through base of trunk. The ladder continues on through the main two floors, all the way up to the roof.

3. I desinged my own style of phonograph, or antique record player.

4. The steampunk scientist has his on massive telescope and tripod.

5. There is a rope in rear, which runs water, food, goods, etc., up too the treehouse, and again rear ladder which allows access to first balcony.

6. A little round stone path surrounding the the main treehouse, which is complete with multi colored mushrooms, a frog, a turtle, and there is also four birds of four different colors throughout the build. Can you find the red bird of happiness?

7. The house design is composed of  many different exhaust pipes and rivets.

8. Mid way up 2nd floor as pictured in last picture, you can see a food cabinet and bed which looks like its hovering in the air. But in fact the wall segment I removed for inner shot supports the bed adjacent to the food cabinet directly across from it, and again there are ladders leading up thru treehouse, all the way up to the rooftop which is a double hinged door. Simply remove the scientist and flip open both rooftop doors.

9. Finally, there is also a red train style steam powered engine whistle on top of the house as well.

I think this set has an endless amount of possibilites as far as play or display, as one's imagination is the only limits. If this project gets close to a hundred votes, I will add a step by step guide book video with more details later on, thanks again and take care.



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