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ET 420 Karminrot


This is the BR / ET 420 in karminrot (dark red) .

To build the trains was hard, at least the front which alone has already cost me 8 hours but the rest was otherwise simple as that recolor in the respective colors.
I would lite to say that each train can be connected to another train,

an example:

This ET 420 can be connected with my ICE 1/2 or my BR 218 or my ET 403.

The trainset therefore ET = electric railcars was built from 1969-1997, at least in the version as there are also a plus version where I do not really know much, they were all 480 of these trains in operation.

Before you ask: My trains can't be motorized. If you tring to do so it's going to take you your life. I tried it myself on my IC 2 (comming soon!) and it took me 3 days to even think of how to do it and doing so took another 3-4 days. :) Everything was done in LDD.

Don't worry: I colored the windows lightgrey to save a lot of time in the rendering process, if I wouldn't do that, it takes about 20 hours and if I do like this it just takes 1 hour.

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