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Mountain Siege


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I have noticed that not many lego castles are on a mountain platform as its base so I decided to give to you the Mountain Siege! It comes with 9 minifigures, 2 dwarf soldiers, a dwarf king, 1 spearman, 1 elven swordsman, 2 elven archers, 2 orc soldiers, and an orc archer. This is the last stand for the dwarves, elves, and men, at Mount Dardowdelf. I wanted to give lego Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Castle fans something new that hasn't been done before. The platform at the base is a Stone Mountain Base Plate.

Some of the features are the gate in the middle opens and closes, there is a hatch on the side that lifts up and goes down to protect the castle from enemies, and finally each of the brown defenses on the wall folds down and up. The castle also comes with a battering ram and ladder. This product would cost $49.99 and is a medium build.