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Medieval Tavern "Under the Mysterious Dragon" - UPDATED

Greetings to you all !

Are there any fans and geeks of medieval climates here ? I hope so.
Once upon a time, in a distant land of medieval castles, deep mines full of gold, hidden hideouts in the woods and long ships from the north, there was a meeting at a certain tavern. At the tavern "Under the mysterious dragon."
The tavern was very famous, in every corner of the map at that time. Why? Well, it had that something.
This magic made many people visit it, not only to drink or eat.
And finally the day came... A very special day.
Accidentally or not people from all over the land met there. Dwarves, humans, Vikings, elves...
The innkeeper asked herself, "What is going on?"
Was something threatening each of them that they were yet to find out about ? What was looming like a shadow, though they did not yet know it ?
And so began another adventure. Will you be up to the challenge and decide what will happen next, in which direction this meeting will go.

I present to you my idea of a medieval tavern called "Under the Mysterious Dragon".
By the flag that flies in the wind there is a ghost guarding the inn from unwanted visitors.
When we take off the thatched roof we will be surprised and even delighted.
Inside you will find many details related to this series. The shield above the fireplace, the colors or the halberd so often used in sets.
There are many details such as: shelves with many drinks, cups, food or barrels.
Tables are overflowing with the wealth that can be served in this tavern, which makes it a sin not to have fun and feast.
The chandelier hanging on chains gives off a glow just like the candles on the tables.
The fireplace, where guests can warm themselves, is lit simply by pressing the smoke from the fireplace.
The tavern is surrounded by lush vegetation, sunflowers gaze into the sun, flowers bloom beautifully, pumpkins are growing in size, and trees provide pleasant shade on hot days, the grapevine is already starting to climb and grow even on the roof.

Discover the mystery of this place.

The set includes 10 minifigures, a cat, a chicken.

Dimensions are:
-width: 38 cm
-length: 36 cm
-height: 30 cm

I leave the rest to you. Enjoy !

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