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Disney Princess Frozen: Elsa's Ice Palace


Achieved top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 05/04/14!

While the top 10 column is sorely missed from the Cuusoo site, I was still able to determine this from the "popular this week" section of the site. Lego Ideas doesn't seem to have a definitive cut off point so I don't really know what place the project was but I was 4th as of last night 10:00PM EST which was the approx. cut off time for the top 10 when Cuusoo was still here. So in the end, everybody is a winner! Thank you to all those who spread the word, keep visiting the project page and keep sharing! We'll turn towards September 1st and see where we sit closer to that time. Cheers!


Over 2000 supporters strong!

Perfect timing to reach the nice round number of 2000 supporters! One year from today will mark the deadline for all projects carried over from CUUSOO. Nice to have a 20% head start but it will still be a tough road ahead. Please keep on sharing and thanks to all the loyal supporters and fans of this project!

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