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Disney Princess Frozen: Elsa's Ice Palace


Video of the project is now live on Youtube!

I'm first gonna apologize for the crude nature of the video. I used my wife's new camera to test out the video features on it so therefore iso, lighting, focus-you name off. Also, no audio other than royalty free music as Youtube permits. My busy schedule doesn't allow me much free time but I wanted to get a video out there to show you guys the project is definitely real and tangible. It's not some delicate thing that falls apart as you touch it either which you can see. Sorry for the gorilla/handheld nature but I'm a one-man show. The capes for the sisters are missing as my daughter ragged them all gone so I will be making her new ones soon. Thanks to all the supporters once again and keep sharing! Without further's the video!


Achieved Top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 5/25/14!

Another week of amazing support! Thank you all so much and keep sharing.


We're at 3000 votes/ 30% of goal!

Thank you, thank you Thank you! This project has accomplished so much already in that it is an idea that heavily gains the interest of not only boys but also girls and in just over 3 months is ranked as the 32nd most supported project (actively being supported) out of a current 6366 total projects! As I mentioned previously, I'm going to try and find the time in my busy schedule to make a video showcasing the project as I know many have been asking for it. At the rate that it's currently going, we should definitely hit 10,000 supports before the deadline of May 1st 2015. Thank you to all of those who have been out there hammering away at the various social networks and forums. You guys are making this happen!


Achieved Top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 5/18/14!

Still hanging in there! To all those supporters who want to see this set get made...don't forget to share multiple times. Do so periodically as well. Fans who don't catch your first share may catch it later! Thanks again for all the support! Trying to find the time to do a proper video showcasing the set so just be patient and happy building!


Achieved top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 05/11/14!

We're on a streak! Still hanging in there! An exciting week with two new projects reaching 10,000 votes! Thank you to all supporters and please keep on sharing!


We're at 25%/2,500 supports!!!

A milestone for any project on Lego Ideas...getting to this point is difficult yet exciting. To me, it means the project truly has potential and it shows a builder has a legitimate shot at getting to the all important 10,000 supports needed for review. Unfortunately, thousands of projects don't get to this point so I consider it an honor. Thank you to all supporters and please keep sharing...over and over again!

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