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Disney Princess Frozen: Elsa's Ice Palace


Achieved Top 10 Most Supported projects of the week ending 7/27/14!

Another sincere and humble thank you to all fans and supporters of the project. We're nearly at the half way point and I anticipate making a new update on that very soon. Thank you all and please keep on sharing!


Achieved Top 12 Supported Projects of the week ending 7/20/14

Almost half way there!!! Thank you to all the Frozen fans and supporters of this project! We just passed the 5 month mark and are just over 250 votes away from 5000 supports! That's a great pace to get the 10,000 necessary to get this project into review. A sincere thank you to everyone.


Achieved Top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 7/6/14!!!

Back in the top 10 this week! Thank you to all new supporters and those who are out there sharing consistently. We're nearing the halfway point of 5000 supporters and hopefully another official comment from the Lego Ideas team! Keep on sharing and thank you all!


Back in the top 12 most supported projects of the week!

For the week ending 6/29/14. Took a week off with so much competition from awesome ideas that other builders have had. Nice to be back though! Please keep sharing and re-sharing the project on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and anything else you see fit. We're almost half way there which is a huge accomplishment! Rally the Disney support and knock on the doors of those Disney fan sites again and again...I know I am. Thanks again everybody!



Wow! Thank you all soooo much! This is amazing as the project now enters into being a serious contender to be able to reach the review stage. The project has also become one of the top 20 most supported projects at this point...out of over 3700 projects currently on Lego Ideas! Please continue to spread the word and keep sharing it online socially. We can do this!!!


Achieved Top 12 most supported projects of the week ending 06/15/14!

It's been a crazy and exciting week with plenty of new support for some of the older projects that are well deserving of the votes! This has in turn caused this project to be knocked down a bit but still on Lego Ideas front page for most popular projects of the week...of which there are 12 spots. I'll take it! We'll keep chugging along until we get to 10,000 supports any way we can! A sincere thank you to all the supporters of this project and for continually sharing it in the hopes that we can eventually and hopefully see that awesome Lego logo on top of a beautiful Frozen Ice Palace! Keep your eyes peeled as I have a little surprise in the way of new projects in review with Lego Ideas at this very moment. Hopefully they approve it for publishing any day now. Happy building!


More Frozen...

It was bound to happen. It was brought to my attention that there is another Frozen Ice Palace on Lego Ideas now. I'm not looking to have happen what happened in the past with previous overlapping controversy. All I will say is that Lego has made it clear to me and to anyone submitting projects that we do not hold rights to any given "generic" idea of which Elsa's Palace is. I expected to see others submit their ideas for a Frozen Ice Palace and was interested to see what people would come up with. In this first instance, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At first I thought it was mine when someone showed me the picture, but as I glanced it over in detail I saw some aspects that were improvements (love the snow base and stairs!) and some that I felt were not so intuitive for a Lego set where easy mobility and kids ability to play are first thought (very large, extreme piece count, does not open to the inside?). Either way this is good for the hopes of a Frozen set being made but it really shouldn't be about "which Frozen set do I support?". Rather it should be about how awesome it would be if Lego made a Frozen Ice Palace and ultimately "I'M GONNA VOTE FOR BOTH OF THEM!" what hopefully takes place. It's all good for Lego and Disney in the end. So please keep the antagonistic user comments out of Lego Ideas and let's support each other. If there's one thing I can say...I was first. LOL. I do wish this user good luck with their project.


Achieved Top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 6/8/14!

Whew! Barely made the cut this week but still made it. Some great support for a lot of well deserved projects. Please keep re-sharing over and over again...almost to 4000. Thanks to all!


Achieved Top 10 most supported projects of the week ending 6/1/14!

Another week gone by with great support for the project. I fully expect momentum to pick up as we near 5,000 supports. Please keep sharing and thank you!!!

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