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Disney Princess Frozen: Elsa's Ice Palace



An advance sentiment of appreciation for all the excitement and enthusiasm from fans of the project. I expect it will reach 10,000 supports within the next 48 hours or so. How crazy that it will reach this milestone almost 1 year to the day?! As I've mentioned before, it's my opinion that this project has a slim to none chance of being selected for production but it has been a thrill to join and contribute to such a creative community. I truly thank all of you for supporting and keep an eye never know what else I might throw together!


Quick size comparison...

Me and my daughter just put her official set together. Not the best photo but you get the idea. My initial impressions are that the minidolls are very well done. Olaf is my favorite. I also love Elsa's new hair piece. As for the castle itself...sorry, I'm underwhelmed a bit Lego. There are some very neat little additions that are cool ideas such as the ice cream storage and ski compartment. The overall size and look just doesn't meet expectations of how cool it is in the movie. Just my personal opinion. I hope to have a full comparison video over on my YT channel soon. Almost to 10,000!


9,000 Supporters! Almost there...

So much support, wonderful and encouraging words. It would most certainly be a miracle if this set was selected for production but either way, this was so much fun becoming a part of this community and being able to create a design of something that resonates with so many people. I think going forward, there are definitely some challenges for future projects but I look forward to seeing how others in this Ideas community find new ways to reach 10,000 supports in a year's time. This project's actual 1 year anniversary is coming February 19th and although I'm not sure we'll hit 10,000 supports by then, we should definitely reach it by May 1st. I still stand by my original viewpoint that Lego needs to take notice that there is a demand to create larger, more challenging sets for girls and I hope they see this project as proof along with the fact that if enough thought is put into a design for a little girly ice palace, then boys, full grown men and women will also not be afraid to spend Death Star money on such a product geared towards the little princesses in all our lives. Thanks to everyone for their support. It really has been so much fun.


Happy New Year! Don't forget to buy Lego's official Elsa's castle starting today!

Hi folks! Happy new year to all the Lego fans out there! We're nearing the 10,000 supports stage and once again, I thank all of you for the support. We've discussed the release of Lego's official Ice Palace from Frozen in my previous updates and some of you were even lucky enough to pick the set up before the holiday. I wasn't that lucky so I had a feeling this would be a difficult set to get at first and waited up until midnight New Years to purchase it. I was surprised to see lego elsa's sparkling ice palace description change from coming soon January 1st, 2015 to just "coming soon" on the online Lego Store. I refreshed the screen about 100 times for 20 minutes before going to bed (after kissing my wife for the New Year of course!). Still no option to buy by 7:00 am EST. So here's a little secret for those who want to get an order in....I searched Target here in the USA and saw they have it for order as of 7:30am today. I got my order in and with a Target red card discount no less. If time allows in my busy schedule, I will try to post some comparison pictures when I can. Good luck in your search for the official set and keep gathering support for this set! Maybe Lego will see the demand for this as an Ultimate Collector's set for Frozen fans. Cheers!


8000 Supporters! WOW

We're almost there! Thank you so much to all new fans of the project. Since adding another 1000 supports, Lego made their official announcement of their own Frozen set. While I do feel the possibility of my own set being made is near impossible, it would still be great to show Lego there is demand for high end sets such as this one. So keep those votes coming and thanks again!


7000 Supporters!

Thank you! In the last month or so, we have achieved the top 10 most supported projects of the week, tacked on another 1000 supports AND cracked the overall top 10 most supported projects on Lego Ideas! All this despite the official announcement of Lego's very own Elsa Castle. Thank you to all those who have left supportive comments and compliments in comparison to the official set. It would be a great achievement to reach 10,000, so keep supporting!


6000 supports and growing!!!

Despite some rumors of an official Lego ice palace project coming out next year, we have still reached 6,000 supports and are in the top 10 most supported projects on all of Lego Ideas! Thank you to all supporters of the project!


Get ready for Elsa's Glittering Ice Castle in 2015!

Well, I had a feeling this would happen to be honest. Lego was just as shocked I'm sure at how popular Frozen became and was late to the game in announcing and getting this set to everyone. Not much info but leaks are trickling out today. It is a bit disheartening and sad for me personally but also very good news for Frozen and Disney fans. Nothing officially announced by Lego that I know of but price leaks coming out have it at $69.99. At this price point I expect it to be what I call a skeleton of the real ice palace...but I don't know yet. I hope it looks amazing and thank all of those that have supported my project! My daughter was the first little girl to own a Frozen Lego set and her happiness is what I always wanted. I strongly urge everyone to keep getting support for the project as maybe it will let Lego know there is a demand for a true collector's set with tons of trans blue pieces. Can't wait to see what they made...but my feeling is that some of us will be underwhelmed a bit. Keep on building everyone! Update: seems there might be some news that could be even more of a let down. The price leak of 69.99 came from a european toy site, which could result in an approx US dollar equivalent of $35-40. If this ends up being true, this is exactly why I made my own design for my daughter. Please don't let this be true Lego! Frozen deserves a premium set!


The Seven Stages of a Frozen Obsession by

I read this blog entry and couldn't help but think 2 things: 1. Hilariously true and a lot of what my wife and family has gone through and 2. They forgot stage 8. Build your children a Lego Ice Palace complete with Elsa and Anna! Enjoy the funny.



WOW! Just WOW! Thank you to all the fans and supporters of this project. It feels like ages ago that I finished making my little girl her ice palace but in reality it has only been live on the site for 5 months and 10 days. The journey to 10,000 supporters is definitely not an easy one but what a thrill ride! I guess this means we really have a shot here huh? Wouldn't it be great to see a set that interests both girls and boys of this size and scale? I built this because I truly felt that girls should have just as much fun and just as much of a cool factor in their Lego dreams as boys currently have. So I set out to make the ultimate in collector's sets for fans of Frozen, Disney or just ice castles in general. I'm so glad that the reception to it has been as overwhelming as it feels for me. I'm hoping that in the remaining second half of the journey that time allows me to throw a couple surprises out there.

In the meantime here's a sneak peak of some dabbling in LDD that I have had the opportunity to do in the last few months. I love this program! Just wish I had more time to play. You'll notice a couple things. First of all, this is just the back half of the model so far. Second, the stairs are not as originally pictured. The spiral staircase is not available in LDD and I obviously didn't want to leave an empty space in there. I discovered that the stairs that were available fit in the model quite nicely. It's up to Lego if this set ever reaches production, whether they would resurrect the spiral mold or not. This is merely a demonstration to show that the model can still exist without the spiral staircase. The remaining pieces that are missing are few and due to the nature of design technique used in real life, LDD would not let me finish bits of it (top peak, fountain,etc.). I know many have been asking for a piece count so you wanna guess what just this back half adds up to? Not as many pieces as you would think....because of the fact that a lot of the trans pieces used are larger. LDD states currently 455 pieces! Add in a few more for the pieces that require special building technique and I would venture to say this set is entirely feasible for production and cost!

Once again, thank you all and enjoy the pics. Please keep sharing the project with everybody you can and let's get this thing done!

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