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The Ten Dollar Bill


Everybody loves to spend money but the bill they use the most it a ten dollar bill. So my next creation is The Ten Dollar Bill. On this bill is the number ten in beige on the top left and top right sides. In the middle there is a face smiling at you and includes black flat tiles and a black triangular piece acting as the nose. On the bottom is a pattern of beige and green going all the way across the bill. I built this bill because I figured people would have a blast with this set tricking their friends into thinking it is a real ten dollar bill. I also wanted to create the bill in my own version and also into Lego form. This is set on a 6 x16 base plate and includes 1 x 4s 1 x 3s 1 x 2s 1 x 1s and a triangular piece. The colors include dark green beige and black.

Thank you for the support it means a lot.


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