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Canadian Pacific Mixed Freight Train: The Return



I would like to issue a personal thanks to Tijmi18 and Sports Paradise Project for being supporters 1 and 100 respectively. Your support means the world to me and thanks for getting one of my projects to 100!



We did it! Thanks to all of you for supporting my post, which is the first lego ideas model of mine to reach 100 supporters. As promised, I will add a Canadian Pacific caboose on the end of the train for you all!

Nearly there!


If we can get to the magic 100 before the end of the week, i will  throw in a special surprise...

You can probably tell what it is by the pic though.



After some brief calculations, i have worked out this is my fastest growing project on Lego Ideas. it is on par with my CSX train for supporters but has achieved this is a less amount of time.

Than you so much to the awesome people who are supporting and sharing this project.