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Top Fuel Dragster


Top Fuel Dragster



If you mean a 4 – sec, strip – machine, you mean this vehicle.


This model is intended to be a display collecting toy.

It’s not built minifig – scale, however it can host 1 minifig and is ready to play with.


Exterior features:

  • Huge twin - supercharged V8 engine;
  • Huge rear tires and wheels;
  • Very thin front wheels;
  • Rollcage;
  • Acid Green details;
  • Enormous rear spoiler and aero package;


Interior features:

  • One race seat and one removable steering wheel. Full stop.


Playability features:

  • Front steering wheels;
  • Removable engine for maintenance and rebuilding;
  • Removable roll cage for easier access;


Pros and cons:

+          if you are late at work, pick it.

-           not the best parking visibility, however.


brick counter and difficulty:

369 bricks, medium building construction.