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Lord of the Rings: Edoras


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This is a Lego Lord of the Rings moc (My Own Creation) I build a few months ago. It looks me approximately six weeks to build, although I am not entirely sure of the actual build time. It is the Golden Hall, the main throne room of the city Edoras. Edoras is the capital of Rohan, one of the countries of men. The build is one of my larger builds, as it is very deep and full of detail. I did not include the entire city of Edoras because that would put me well over the Lego Ideas piece limit. 

I believe that this would make a great Lego set, because there were several Lord of the Rings sets made in 2012-2013, but many sets were left out, such as Minas Tirith, Barad-dúr, Osgiliath, and of course, Edoras. 

There are eleven minifigures in this set, including Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Theoden, Eowyn, Wormtongue, three soldiers of Rohan, and one townsperson. I took the majority of the minifigures from actual Lego sets, while I designed others, such as Eowyn.

I recreated several scenes from the movie, such as Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli coming to the building while Eowyn looks on, Gandalf asking for entry to the hall, Gandalf freeing King Theoden from his mental prison, and Theoden throwing Wormtongue out.

I built this model similar to the actual layout of the Golden Hall, except that I left out a piece of the building on the far side. I believe Lego might or might not fix this error, but either way it would appear well as a set. The building is constructed mainly out of wood, with a decent amount of gold mixed in. 

I constructed this model with relatively simple techniques, such as stacking and SNOT (Studs Not On Top), and I would say that it turned out well. I think I mimicked the way the building looks pretty well. I build the base using many green plates, giving the build a grassy feel, and added much texture to the grass. Then I built up the rock using dark grey pieces, modeling it after the hill Edoras rests on. After this, I built the curving staircase using light grey pieces, along with the occasional brick yellow. To get the angle of the staircase I used an angle piece, and to stabilize it I added a hinge brick. 

I built the hall primarily out of brown, adding a small amounts of darker brown and tan. Although the building techniques were generally simple, I think I connected the SNOT and the stacking well, and I think the build looks really nice. The roof is built out of dark tan plates and tiles. 

I think the roof was probably the most difficult part to build, as I had a hard time figuring out how to connect the three large plates that make up the roof. At the end though, I think the roof turned out really nice, and I think it looks even better that I coated it in tiles. I also added in a technique I found to make the tips of the larger part of the roof look like horses.

I worked quite a lot on interior design, probably a lot more than I needed to. I built a throne in at end, as well as a table for dining, a rack that holds swords, a bench, a bed, and a fireplace with a small cooking area built around it. I used many pieces on carpet design, primarily sand green and dark green tiles, but also some golden tiles and dark red tiles. I lined the wall up with many golden flags, in the attempt to give it great detail. I would say that as far as giving detail, I probably succeeded.

I hope all of you like my Lord of the Rings project idea! Please support! 

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