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King Simon's Treasure Quest


King Simon’s treasure quest!


Young adventurer George finds himself deep in the jungle as he finally found the place where, according to the legend, the King Simon’s treasure chest is hidden. What lies behind the gates nobody knew.

But there is a strange poem written on the wall near the entrance which contains clues and hints how to found and claim the prize. Are you brave enough to try your luck?


In the jungle the temple lies,

Full of danger and disguise.

Big black spider guards the door,

To go forth you turn the floor.

Look beyond the dead man eyes,

Useful tool behind them hides.

See-saw there is not for play,

Make it point the other way.

Of the void you have no fears,

You can pass it with the spears

You will need to have strong hands,

Or your little journey ends

Six more steps but here's a tip,

Some of them you better skip.

Say a prayer and take your breath,

Two is wrong and five is death.


If you passed all the traps and dangers so far you will find yourself at the top of the wooden ladders. At the bottom of the ladders there is message engraved in the floor which says:


Dear adventurer,

If you are reading this than you proved yourself worthy of my treasure.

The dangers are over but now you need to find hidden objects which will help you claim the prize. Here is the final hint:


Ruby, aquamarine, emerald and amethyst keys are hidden somewhere in the place,

If you want to unlock the secret four golden brackets they must embrace!

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