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Core Attack:Self-Defense Activate!


 Hello.I would like to introduce my Air Ship Design! Our 2 hero mini figures wondered in space until they got attacked by their enemy! If their enemy destroys the ship`s core, the whole ship would collapse.


The ship has shields you can rotate in order to defend.

!It also has 2 modes which can be easily changed by replacing the top piece, it even comes with a stance.

The enemy figure comes with a gun equipped that can be used to shoot the core, but it is recommended to                                                 play with it in small areas so the piece you shot won`t get lost

Why I built it

I wanted to build a spaceship like the ones I built in 2nd grade, this time without instructions! As I improved on it I thought about it being an actual set.I went to Reddit and saw a post that linked me to this site

Why you should pick me

  The airship has playability and it`s very detailed

I also created a new design for a longer gun which I really like!

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