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Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood

Known to all and favorite classical fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Classic story from which you can come up with an infinite number of stories and play it differently.

I came up with idea and did:

Main characters - Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Grandma, Hunter and Sawyer.

Place where things are going – Forest and grandmother’s house.

Interesting details - bumps and the path, pond, ducks in a pond, water lily, crow, furniture in the house, smoke from the chimney.

It was very easy and quick to come up with the idea of ​​this set. A little more difficult but it was still easy enough to start making characters, forest, and the hardest thing was to finish the job - to make a definitive box set.

In the process, I reworked the design of the house several times, it was the most challenging to make it easy, half-open and interesting.

I have many other ideas from classic fairy tales, which I will try to present later on this site. It seems to me that the “Fairy Tales” is exactly what is needed for a new series of LEGO sets. I am inviting you all to support my set - Little Red Riding Hood.