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Small Puppet Theatre


Perform your puppet shows in this Lego puppet theatre created entirely by BlueGalaxy47! This set is a colourful and fun display and play model for work or home.I have left enough room for even adult hands to perform a show! I designed and built this set because I had have an interest in theatre, and I wanted to create a Lego version!

While building the set, I went with a unique design without any curtains to allow maximum space for hands and to really create a diverse model. This would become a great lego set because it will enspire young children and adults to have fun and use their imagination in the theatre!

I have also included:

.3 Music players tile pieces to represent theatre music.

.2  Digital Clock tile pieces to show you the time.

.Colourful Tiled Floors to add colour to your desk or to your performance!

.Ridged Tiles to create more interesting details.

.Radiator grills to represent heating.

.And much more!

I hope you like this new model and please support this so that a Lego puppet theatre can be made!

This is an 117 piece set.

Puppets not included!

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