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Brickheadz PAW Pstrol - Skye


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After my recent PAW Patrol submissions I thought I'd have a go at creating the same 8 characters but this time in the Brickheadz style.
As those familiar with Paw Patrol will know, each of the puppies carries a Pup Pack on their back that carries the tools/gadgets they use in their adventures. Where possible I've tried to incorporate my interpretation of these into the build of each character.
This model is Skye. She's a female Cockapoo pup and the only member of the PAW Patrol team with the ability to fly thanks to the wings tipped with jet pods she carries in her Pup Pack. With the binocular like lenses in her googles she's able to keep an eye on things from high in the sky.
At time of submission the model comprises 91 parts but I'm hopeful that with refinement this number can be brought down. I'll post updates of any progress.
If you like this project I'd be grateful if you'd give it your support and share it among friends and family.
Thank you for your interest.

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