Product Idea

The Up House

Hello everyone! I Just came back with another product idea. But first, i need to explain some things below.

You will probably think that i plagiarized this model from someone else's build here on LEGO Ideas or from another place. And there are a lot of Up houses here on this site, but i didn't copy it from anyone else's build. I built it by myself, making it with my own details. What i did in this model was use building techniques that already exist and are used and created by other people, and you can use it in your buildings. But still, i used these techniques differently than many people use (for example, in the balloons, i used different colors in the LEGO bricks 🙂). Now, i will talk about the model itself.  

This Up house has a lot of very nice details that i will explain below. It uses a lot of tiles to make the wood details of the original house and the chimney has little but very cool balloons. 

Ground floor. This floor has the main room ( with Carl and Ellie's seats and the fireplace), the kitchen, the dining room and a bathroom.   

First floor. In this floor you will find Carl and Ellie's bedroom and their expected baby's bedroom. It also has a laundry and another bathroom.

Minifigures. The model has Carl and Russell's minifigures.

Project data: it has around 2100 LEGO bricks.

The movie tells the story of an old and very kind sir who decides to go out and live many adventures with his flying house and also his young friend, Russell. 

Thank you for checking my project! 

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