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I'm the Nut! Artemis Fowl

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This set shows my favorite part in Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl- The Atlantis Complex when Artemis is attacked by a giant squid (Archyteuthis Dux) and qoute: But to what end? What nut would a giant squid wish to crack? and Artemis says Me! I'm the nut! So this set shows that part, (or just before it, anyway.) The squid has just picked up Artemis, and you can remove the silver space probe nosecone and make the squid hold and swing it at the nut (Artemis). In this set, Fowl is wearing the pressure suit and helmet. There is also the titanium metallic air lock for the submarine, with a lightning piece to represent the electromagnetic connection between it and Artemis's suit. Some features of this set are the afformentioned nosecone and airlock, plus the stuff that the giant squid collected: rocks, 2 skeletons, a telescope, a cup, 2 rings, and a flipper. I think this would make a great set because of its accuracy (the exact reason I built it ).

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