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TIE Hunter (Classic)


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The TIE/HU Hunter multi-role starfighter was a starfighter from the TIE Series used during the Galactic Civil War by the Galactic Empire. Developed by the Empire as a means of countering the Rebel Alliance's T-65 X-wing starfighter, the TIE Hunter was used exclusively by storm commandos.

The reason it's called TIE Hunter (Classic) is because it's suppose to pay tribute to the old TIE Fighter LEGO sets such as the TIE Fighter Collection (10131), TIE Interceptor (6206), and even the TIE Crawler (7664) where they had a more simplistic design and had a very blue scheme to them. Even though this TIE fighter variant is not canon (or at least by the time this project is submitted,) that doesn't mean it can't be a real lego set. Who knows, maybe Disney might make the TIE Hunter canon again with this set. Lastly the reason why I chose the TIE Hunter in particular is because I wanted to choose a TIE variant that wasn't already a LEGO set (so that means no TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, and TIE Defender) and the TIE Hunter looked the most interesting with the TIE Phantom being second. 

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