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Rake in the Lake - Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game - Made to make you happy.

Building, or even looking at the set just makes you happy, that is the mindset behind it. Combining that idea with Untitled Goose Game seemed like the perfect opportunity. I designed it as a fun playset in mind so children can easily build it, but it turned out as a great looking model too. I've put a lot of time into designing this just right, so I hope you like it.

The set has a rotating plate which the goose can "swim" on. The farmer can actually sit on the bench while having some of hir gear in his pouch. He can stick his rake in the ground next to the bench. The bit of garden on top of the waterfall can be removed and played with too. If you look closely, it has an egg hidden under the plants and a carrot for the goose to be bold with.

If you hold the goose in one hand, steadily sneak up to the farmer, and press the orange button with the other; you might get some HONKS out of him. (Sound Effect)

The blue on the bottom of the set is sea-through (pun intended), you can sea some sealife doing their busy sea life things. The waterfall itself can be moved too. It'll reveal a small cave where the goose hides his marvelous treasure. He has to get it out of the basket under the bench first though.

About that silly goose, he can carry that rake with his beak as well as his movable wings (or flap-flaps).

And yes, you can put the Rake in the Lake.