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1940 Packard 180

LEGO and/or car fans can now rejoice with the minifigure scale LEGO 1940 Packard 180. It can be used for display or play. I tried to pack as much detail in while keeping it accurate, 6 studs wide, durable, and with a low piece count. The model is 6 studs wide, around 14 studs long (excluding the bumpers), and 12 studs tall.

I myself like LEGO and vintage cars, as do many others, and I think that this set would be a great way to merge those two interests. Vintage cars have a certain style that I have been looking for, made with modern pieces and being minifigure scale. So I decided to make it myself, and publish it here to share the joy with others like me.

I think this would make a nice LEGO set because it re-introduces parts in new colors, it can be added to collections, and would be great in LEGO museums and other MOCs. Overall, I think this would be a great addition to LEGO garages everywhere.

A link to the 3D model: Here

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