Product Idea

Whirlwind Ice-Cream Parlor

This is The Whirlwind Icecream Parlor, and it has around 300 bricks. 

This is an ice cream shop with BIG ice cream cones and a LOT of ice cream in it. It is the minifigures favorite shop in town, even though some thing it doesn't look so great. But there is big soft chairs out front. (not really, plastic isn't that much of a cushion, but then again, everythings made out of plastic, so no one will know the difference) :)

This ice cream parlor includes -

five minifigures ready to gobble down bunches of ice cream, a place where you are served, and the ice cream is made for you, and lots of tables. Also the second level is devoted to an eating area. There are big, clear windows that out of you can see an excellent view. (depending on where you put the ice cream shop) You can also take each level off so that you can get to the inside of the shop and play with it. 

I hope you like this as much as I do, and please support my idea! If not, thanks for looking anyway! :)