Product Idea

1930s Bentley Coupe - Vintage Car

This car is a classic 1930s Bentley Coupe. I added two classic looking minifigures to complete the set, the one on the left in the passenger seat even has a vintage bowler hat.

I remember having it as a die-cast toy when I was a kid. And since I have the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 from Lego, I started with the base of that car to create something I loved from my youth. Hope you all enjoy this one!

This would make a great Lego set, because I have already seen how my nephews (ages 3 and 4) enjoyed playing with it when visiting. They were quite surprised to discover that the doors of these classic cars open the other way around, due to the hinges on the back instead of the front. So there is some educational value in this classic car. It was great to see them imagine all kind of new stories when playing with this set.