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Le Centre Pompidou


Bienvenue à France! The Centre Georges Pompidou, nicknamed Beaubourg, is a highly regarded French modern art museum in Paris, France. It is located near the center of the City of Lights and is famous for its uniquely designed exterior. The Centre Pompidou was conceived by the second president of the 5th French Republic, Georges Pompidou, as a home for the French National Museum of Modern Art, known as MNAM, along with other museums as well. The building was designed by a group of 3 architects, 2 Italians and an Englishman, who won a contest created by President Pompidou to decide how the new museum should be designed.

The Centre Pompidou should be made into a Lego set because it is challenging to build, satisfying to complete, and impressive on display. It would be a good addition to the Lego Architecture series because it is a notable French landmark and because it is educational. 


If you want to learn more about the Centre Pompidou, you can check them out at their official website at