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LEGO ConnectiWorlds Portal 2, Minecraft, City, Star Wars


Minecraft Update

Here's a closer look at the Minecraft segment:

On the top I've placed Alex, the new default player skin, chopping down a tree with a stone axe.

The zombie has both gold armor and an iron shovel.

On the bottom I've included Steve mining some diamonds.

There's a Skeleton Archer and Cave Spiders coming after him, though.



Star Wars Update

Here's a closer look at the Star Wars Episode IV segment.


As I said in the description, this is more based on the first level of LEGO Star Wars II. The lower part proves this, as I've placed a minikit canister, along with Captain Antilles and C-3PO since they weren't in that particular scene.


Don't worry, Leia and R2-D2 are there, too.


I've included on the top 2 Stormtroopers, 2 Rebel Troopers, and Darth Vader.

If it's not already obvious, The LDD doesn't have the right torso prints, so I used the closest to what I want.


Portal 2 Update

Here's a better look at the Portal 2 segment.

 As you can see, the bottom has a broken lift and Wheatley hanging on his management rail. 

I've also included a closer look at the Energy Pellet Receiver. The minifigure prints I used for Chell and the Portal Gun itself are nowhere close to what they look like in LEGO Dimensions, but I hope that if LEGO makes this a real set, they'll replace my Chell with the official one. The turret could have been made better too, but I'm not the best custom builder out there.