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LEGO ConnectiWorlds Portal 2, Minecraft, City, Star Wars


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   Enjoy multiple themes at once with ConnectiWorlds! Each 16x16 build contains something from a specific LEGO theme. The 4 themes includes in this set are Portal 2, Star Wars, City, and Minecraft. This would work as a set because it'll give builders a more creative look at LEGO. 

   The Minecraft section's top portion includes two trees, and the Alex and Zombie minifigure. The lower portion is a cave with flowing lava, a skeleton archer, three cave spiders, and Steve holding a Golden Apple, an iron pickaxe, and a recently dug up diamond.  The Star Wars section is heavily based off of the Secret Plans level from LEGO Star Wars II. The top portion includes Darth Vader, two Stormtroopers, and two Rebel Troopers. The lower portion include C-3PO, R2-D2, Princess Leia Organa, and Captain Antilles. There's also a minikit canister to further establish the connection to the video game. The City section's top portion include a nameless female minifigure and a white cat. There's a buildable couch and TV. In the bottom portion is a nameless male minifigure with a phone and flashlight. There's also a spider and buildable pool table and moving boxes in the lower portion. This is the only section to have a walkway in between the upper and lower portions. The Portal 2 section only includes Chell as a minifigure, but there is a energy pellet receiver to build. In the lower portion, there's a blue personality core, possibly Wheatley. The bottom is supposed to represent Old Aperture.