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MINECRAFT Mushroom Island


Minecraft Mushroom Island

Finally Steve has found a place where no mobs can come and where the food is endless! Pull out your Fishing Rod and furnace and cook up some delicious fish! Or use your boat to sail back to the other parts of The Lego Minecraft World!

This set is a great addition to your Minecraft world, it is designed to be a stand alone set. However you can use the water to connect it to the Minecraft Farm set. It is a perfect gift because it works as a stand alone set, but it is also a great addition to your Lego Minecraft collection! It come with a Steve minifigure, and a Mooshroom, Plus a few accessories. Furthermore, if you buy two they can connect to make a Mushroom Biome!

  • Includes a Steve minifigure with a fishing rod, a fish, a furnace, a boat and a Mooshroom.
  • Features a Mycelium Island, a body of water, a Red Mushroom, a Brown Mushroom                          and many tiny mushrooms.
  • Accessories include, a fishing rod and a boat.
  • Includes approximately 200 pieces.
  • Fish, Cook, and Eat Mushrooms!
  • Add this set's water to the farm's water to make an ocean.

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